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Something of a re-start of my blog. You gotta deal with my shit ALL OVER AGAIN, cuz I just keep on shittin. Just more shit in the same toilet known as Life. And as long as I keep on shittin, this toilet's never gonna get unclogged. Stinks, eh?

I'm getting into a bad habit of abadoning this blog, and starting back up at random and explained times. I often feel the urge to write, but that in itself doesn't provide sufficent motivation to start blogging all over again. The first time I started it back up, I was somewhat inspired by Peter Sung's blog. I'm not sure if this restart will last long, but this one was somewhat inspired by someone discovering this blog on a search engine.

I suppose the idea that I should start writing again is there, and I just need a little incentive here and there. Also, did you know this site is listed #1 if you type "Dan Morrar" into the seach engine? :P

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Sunday, July 14, 2002  

We had our meet against Highlands Saturday, and my undefeated streak was broken. I wouldn't be upset, except for the fact that it shouldn't have been broken.

The 50 Free was disputed. I was in a different heat than Tyler and Drew, so it wasn't a head-on race. Bryan said I won, but others said I didn't. But it was the 50 Breast and 100 IM that pissed me off! Halfway through the second lap of the 50 Breast, I saw that I was head of Tyler by a good arm-length or so, so I thought I had a secure win. I finished and got out still thinking I had won-- only after I checked my time did I realize he touched me out! The 100 IM was a real race though. Drew started out a good half-body length ahead (he's a flyer), so I had to play catch-up for the rest of the race. Come the last lap (freestyle), I finally catch up to him (which was weird, since I was still pretty far behind him during the breast, but was neck and neck when I popped up for free). People were hella cheering or something, since it was such a close race. I was so tired at the end, I couldn't even open my eyes :P I just kinda floated there like a bum. To bad I lost the race by 1/10th of a second, heh. The timer-lady said I floated into the wall (instead of charging the wall), and that's what lost it for me. Jeez.. way to make me feel bad.

Anyways, all the Mission swimmers went out for lunch afterwards. It was a bit sober since it'd be the last time we'd really hang out together. Anna was really bummed, haha. I'm pretty bummed too, but at least I'll have the old-school Mission swimmers to hang out with during the summer.

To give some conclusion to a previous blog, I've decided Audra doesn't like me, which is cool.

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Monday, June 10, 2002  

LOL. This is my horoscope for the summer, according to Ab&F :P

Leo (July 23–August 22)
You party with the finest, proud lion! Rum, beach beauties, parties that rage until dawn... you do it all. This summer, you will end up broke, single and unemployed. But you’ll enjoy the trip to oblivion.

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Tuesday, June 04, 2002  

Today we had our end of the year swim banquet, officially capping the 22nd year Mission has dominated the League. Its always a lot of fun, especially for something so innately boring as a banquet with parents. Anyways, Bryan's a complete meathead and forgets a couple people's varsity letters. Davin's even more of a meathead and presents himself his own award. haha, what a loser. As captain, I had to present the gag gifts for the guy's team. Its kinda hard to top last year, but people said I did a good job. We got David a jock strap to protect his vitals, Kimball some "power bait" to help him with the ladies, a chew toy for Aram to control his excessive chatting, and a ton of other stuff. We all had a good laugh at their expenses, haha.

The banquet kinda reminded me how swim season has ended, and I'll never have another one again. Even if I swim in college, it'll be impossible (and I don't use that word liberally) to match the fun I've had in high school swimming. I doubt anything can match the universal harmony and extreme fun Mission swimming is. I mean, where else can you hang out with the same people almost everyday for half a year, and have absolutely NO tension or stress? What other program or sport has so much tradition, history and pride in it? People tell me NO sport has the comradarie (sp?) and fun swimming has (cheerleading has drama, badminton is clique-ish, etc.), so I'm awefully happy to have been a part of it, let alone be captain.

Well, with this swim season included, I have EIGHT varsity letters! That qualifies me for the White Sweater award, heheh. So I have to talk to Tompson tomorrow morning about it.

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My dad was trying to rekindle my interest in Physics earlier today. Seeing that he's a physics Ph.D, I think he was slightly dissapointed when I proclaimed my eternal hatred of the cursed subject. We were talking about bungee jumping the Grand Canyon or something, and he said, "See? Everything is a physics question, Jason. If you were to throw a 135 lb person down attached to a bungee cord, when would he stop falling?" I told him, "He'll stop falling when he hits the ground. And when that happens, it stops being a physics question and becomes a philosophical question." "Well," he said, "In that case, I'd much rather it be a physics question than a philosophical one."

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Sunday, June 02, 2002  

So Dan Morrar finally decides at the last minute he can't goto SLO, so our impromptu trip was cancelled. I did have that summer league meet though. I can't believe I forgot how boring swim meets are! And on top of that, I was about to die of heat stroke. Dan talks to me before the meet: "BJ, you better win every event. Or I'll be very very dissapointed me you." He'll be dissapointed? I'll be dissapointed! My first event was the 50 Free though, which was kinda a safe bet since I've been swimming it all season. Even so, it was a lot closer than it should have been, with the other guy only an arm behind. Turns out I was about half a second slower than I've been going. The next even is the 50 Fly, which I'm just flat out horrible at. I simply don't swim fly. I had a terrible dive, and had to play catch-up with same fast guy I was racing against in the 50 Free. He was all decked-out in a Skarkskin jammer and cap, while I was in a drag-suit, haha. I finally caught him in the end and out-touched him. Close one. My last event was the 100 IM, which is pretty much a sure bet since its longer than any of the other events. My only competition was my brother, who I gave a thorough ass-whooping.

I think I'm something of a celebrity at Kennedy swimming now, since I'm pretty much the oldest and fastest swimmer. I was talking to a parent before a race, and she was just complimenting me on how pretty my butterfly looked, and how her son was too shy to ask for tips. Tracey also catches this blonde chick checking me out, and totally bursts out laughing. "I just find it funny," she tries to explain. I said, "What? That a girl would check me out?" She said how the girl was trying to be totally inconspicious about it-- which only made her even more conspicious-- making the entire situation hilarious. Suuuuuurrreeee.... Anyways, we hit In 'n' Out with Sarah after the meet, which is kinda weird since it seem everytime I goto In 'n' Out, its with Sarah. Her mom's really nice though-- not only did she buy us all fruit and stuff during the meet, but after winning the drawing, she bought us lunch too. She also calls me "BJ" haha.

So after Dan told me he couldn't make it to SLO, he muttered something about Jon being in town for day? I was half-asleep from my nap, so I didn't really catch on. Anyways, while I'm at Highlands, I call Dan again to hang out, etc.. Only then does it dawn on me that Jon Bone's in town! After dinner we'll probably hang out. Starting to feel like summer already ;)

I still haven't decided what to get the majority of the team during the banquet. Gotta think about that. Let me know if you have ideas.

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Saturday, June 01, 2002  

Who wants to go down with me to San Luis Obisbo this weekend? Free housing; stay as we'd like. Big party and hot college girls. And most importantly-- booze ;) All we need is gas and something to wear. IM me if you're interested.

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Thursday, May 30, 2002  

Hmm.. A couple things that have been taxing my conscience lately. I'm going to write this under the assumption that no one really reads the blog; but if I do happen to offend anyone or cause any controversy, I apoligize beforehand.

Anyways, I found out the other day that Dan Vu asked Emily to SB months beforehand (long before I did, easily). Which kinda makes me feel bad, ya know? Not that I knew Dan had asked her; but I still feel slightly bad that I went with the girl he was rejected by. I hope he's not bitter about it. I don't think he is anyways.

And then there's still Audra. I guess I started contemplating that maybe she likes me when she called me up randomly one night to talk. All of a sudden, I started seeing those "signs." Hugs in the hallway, etc. I suppose part of it is just the way she is (she's the outgoing type). So how am I supposed to differenciate? Am I getting special attention? Man... thoughts like those, stuck in my own head, drives me crazy. So I've decided on a couple scenarios: if (a) she does like me, then I'd readily go out with her. If (b) she doesn't like me, then it'll be just like it was before, with nothing really wrong. I'm okay with that. Finally, if (c) I don't know if she likes me or not (which is the current case), then I swear to god I'm going to drive myself crazy wondering about it. I hate that uncertainty factor.

Ahhh... And finally what I will refer to as the "Tanya thing." Does anyone remember how I was about Tanya Meyer last year? She was that hott girl in the caferteria whom I'd admire from afar. She was one of those chicks who'd take your breath away everytime she got near. Everyday, I'd ask Dan, "Dude, who's that hot girl over there? She's gorgeous." I think we eventually found out her name was Tanya. So I told Dan one day, "Man, I'm going to talk to that hot girl by the end of the year." Of course, myself being the big sissy that I am, never struck up the nerve to talk to her. To this day I haven't talked to her. But this morning, Dan tells me he was showing her my prom pics (he apparently has a ton of classes with her this year), and she was asking who I was. Turns out, last year she had a crush on me! And she was doing the exact same I as was doing-- asking around for more info about the other, etc.. Funny, eh? And now she has a boyfriend, so any romantic liaison is impossible. See how horribly it is to be shy? Now this is a regret I'll have for the rest of my life, missing out on that chance to meet the "dream girl." ::sigh::

Damn girls... Nothing but headache :P

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Wednesday, May 29, 2002  

Oh man... Senior Ball was off the hook! I'm quite glad to have gotten such a pretty, fun and outgoing girl as Emily ;) I gotta say it was the most fun at a dance I've ever had. Sorry, psychobunnies, if you couldn't keep up with us on the dance floor. We had to dance around and all over the place to find people who could keep up. You guys aren't much dancers, haha. mmm.. but that meant I missed some of that freak dancing I heard about later. Oh well :) Hope everyone had fun.

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